Diploma of Thinkology

I must apologize, for today I will be talking about… me.  I have mentioned briefly my experiences with the admissions process that I have been going through over the past few months.  I have been quite hesitant to talk about the details of this process, but today, I feel like I am ready to open the floodgates.  Starting last April, I began to prepare for a grueling process to be accepted into highly competitive counseling psychology PhD programs.  When I say highly competitive, I mean, harder to get into than medical school.  I started by taking the Psychology GRE.  Then I took the standard GRE.  I wrote 12 in depth personal statements.  Asked for letters of recommendation.  Requested transcripts, test scores etc.  I packaged everything up for each school and sent it away.  Then came the waiting… which was horrible.  All together, I applied to 10 schools and was invited to interview at 2.  One interview went horribly.  While I think I portrayed myself, the program was a horrible fit.  On the other hand, my other interview was absolutely perfect.  I loved the program, the people, the town… it was glorious.

After a couple of weeks after this interview I was notified that I was on their waitlist.  This was exciting news!  Basically this means that if people do not accept an offer, someone from the waitlist is offered a spot in the class.  But then comes more waiting… and more waiting.  Through this whole process, the waiting has been the hardest part.  Do not get me wrong, my patience is not wearing thin… I am just a little uneasy and counting down the days until the deadline for those offered admission to decide!  So it goes like this, I may get in and I may not.  I am so close and want it so badly that I can taste it.  However, either way, I have learned a great deal about myself and what I am prepared to do in the future.  Having said all of that, I have a series of photos that I would like to share and maybe help explain some of my thoughts:

If I Only Had A Brain

If I Only Had A Heart

If I Only Had The Nerve

At one point I just could not get the thought of being rejected from this amazing program after being so close to admission out of my head.  So, I picked up my cameras and hopped on the bus to go to my favorite spot in all of Chicago – Oz Park.  The sun was warm and it started to melt my thoughts away.  And then, I saw everything more clearly than I ever had before.  I know exactly what I want and I will not give up.  In this moment I earned my “Diploma of Thinkology”.  I started thinking differently and started believing in myself.  I know that psychology is where my heart is and where my passion lies in life.  My hope is that is shows through in my photography.  I know that I have the courage and the strength to follow my heart and continue to pursue doctoral training, whether this is the year I begin or the next year… or the next.  How wonderful it was that the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion were able to give me clarity in such a critical moment.

More importantly, there is a part of them in all of us.  Sometimes we forget to recognize our strengths that get us through some of those “tricky” days.  Brains, heart, courage.  How simple.  So, today I am expressing my gratitude to Frank Baum and the cast of the Wizard of Oz for giving me the simple clarity that reminded me how to be me.


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  1. Hi Baby Bird!!!
    Glad the sun and OZ brought you clarity! It seems that you are getting comfortable in your skin and realizing that your dreams won’t always come to you as fast as you hope they will. But through perserverence, they will come. Thank God you are realizing to finally take time for your self and simple pleasures that make you smile! It doesn’t always have to be the “big picture” in your focus. You’re still so young; carve out many experiences, both educational and purely recreational! Live for “silly moments” like you have with you family! Look for a balance of the whole picture to grow and accomplish all you want. Breathe, Baby Bird!!!!! The spring air is soooo good!!!!

  2. I’m in Kansas right now, there are Oz movie references everywhere. It’s funny because I’ve had my own version of Diploma of Thinkology handed to me as well the last couple of days. Good luck with the whole process. Even though you are patient, waiting is still no fun! Hope all goes well. Just like Dorothy sometimes when our plans don’t pan out a tornado picks us up and unexpectadly drops us right where we need to be. Hang in there!

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